CLP has assisted Arendals Fossekompani ASA in its acquisition of IPT Technology GmbH

CLP has assisted Arendals Fossekompani ASA in its acquisition of IPT Technology GmbH, a German company developing wireless power transfer technology. IPT Technology was established in 1996 as Europe’s first producer of solutions for induction charging and wireless power transmission. Its user-friendly and cost-effective technology provides for sustainable charging of electric vehicles and power supply for industrial applications, making its systems perfect for warehouses, airports, factory floors and similar places where forklifts, robots and other lifting systems are used. Its technology further allows for wireless charging where vehicles are charged during short halts at for example bus stops, as well as wireless dynamic charging of cars while driving.

The acquisition is part of Arendals Fossekompani’s newly established Evolgy group. Evolgy will combine the innovative IPT Technology and EFD Induction, a well-established, global green-tech company. The two companies’ complementary induction technology provides significant opportunities in the global market for induction charging and wireless power transfer. While IPT previously has distributed its products through agents and subcontractors, it will now sell its products through Evolgy with the help of EFD Induction’s worldwide sales force. According to Ørjan Svanevik, CEO of Arendals Fossekompani, “IPT will have a capital-strong owner and access to an established, global sales force that knows the technology as well as the potential customers. This is a match that opens up value-creating opportunities”.

CLPs team consisted of Lars Gunnar Aas, Kristoffer Gjesdahl and Hanne Heltne.

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Photo: Shutterstock