The best way we can contribute to the world moving in a more sustainable direction lies in what we do best – commercial legal assistance. Sustainability is a critical factor in our clients’ business operations and an integrated part of our counselling. The industries we dedicate a great deal of our time to are constantly being challenged with an increasingly complex regulatory framework with regard to sustainability; technology, finance, renewable energy, real estate, fish farming and aquaculture, retail and many more industries. In order for us to advise our clients on the risk profile and opportunities of the legal framework conditions related to sustainability in a broad sense, we continually adjust our commercial legal advice accordingly.  In this way we can remain a driving force in the business world’s shift to sustainability.

There must be a connection between practice and theory, and we continually work towards increased sustainability in our own operations.  This includes that we reduce our carbon footprint and use of resources, act ethically and contribute to a well-functioning justice system, and CLP shall be a place where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

As lawyers, we need to take our social responsibilities seriously – we can and we must make a difference. In addition to CLP having formal pro bono arrangements with non-profit organisations, our lawyers also have room for showing personal dedication by taking on pro bono cases concerning issues that they are particularly passionate about. Dedicated lawyers are the best lawyers. In this way, our lawyers contribute to strengthening legal security also in areas beyond the field of commercial law. Through advice and guidance, and by pleading cases we view as important and just. In return, we get to experience the joy of standing up for causes we are passionate about while simultaneously improving ourselves as human beings and as lawyers.

Occasionally, our engagement reaches the front pages of news outlets. The feeling of contributing to promoting justice and fighting injustice is always the greatest reward.

In addition to legal assistance, we also contribute with financial support to non-profit organisations. For instance, we are a proud Partner of the Rainforest Foundation and we take active part in their work. Protecting the rainforest is one of the most efficient ways to decelerate climate change. We contribute with both financial support and legal assistance to the Rainforest Foundation. In 2023, our support will result in the protection of 10 square kilometres of rainforest. In total, this will prevent 27,000 tons of CO2 emissions from forest logging, corresponding to the yearly atmospheric CO2 emissions of 3,000 Norwegians.