CLP assists Agder Energi in establishing Morrow Batteries

Agder Energi and NOAH launch Morrow Batteries, a new technology joint venture, together with Frederic Hauge, Bellona and a strong management team to supply Europe with the next generation of sustainable batteries. Morrow Batteries will establish a research center and production facilities in Agder, Norway to supply rapidly growing markets with batteries built on today’s and tomorrow’s best in class technology. The cooperation has already garnered solid support from NHO, SINTEF, Innovasjon Norge, Eydeklyngen and raw material suppliers. Agder Energi’s press release regarding the cooperation can be found here.

CLP is a proud supporter of Agder Energi and Morrow Batteries. “The combination of investments, renewable energy and technology places this project right in the sweet spot of CLP’s expert competencies”, comments CLP partner Lars Gunnar Aas. In addition to him, the CLP team consisted of Stephan Brodschöll, Christine Schjerven and Jeanette Brokerud.

Photo: Agder Energi