CLP has assisted D2L in the acquisition of H5P Group AS

CLP has had the pleasure of assisting the leading global learning technology company D2L in the acquisition of H5P Group AS that reinforces D2L’s dedication to providing powerful learning experiences.

H5P is a provider of cutting-edge interactive content creation software platforms that allow users to create and share interactive content. H5P was founded in 2014 and is primarily based in Norway with approximately 30 employees. H5P has a global user base across more than 50 countries, a platform used by hundreds of thousands of universities, enterprises, school districts, schools and other organizations and is serving millions of individuals around the world.

By acquiring H5P, D2L plans to continue transforming the way the world learns. D2L is committed to investing in and contributing to the H5P community, including supporting the H5P open-source community. The Group CEO and founder of H5P, Svein-Tore Griff With, has made the following statement regarding the acquisition: “I am extremely excited to be working with D2L to speed up our progress towards the vision of H5P. Together we will accelerate our work to help creatives around the world create better interactive content faster”. The CEO and founder of D2L, John Baker, has also made the following statement: “We are thrilled that H5P is now a part of D2L. At D2L, we believe it should be easy to create engaging and powerful learning content to help users achieve better learning outcomes, and H5P’s suite of user-friendly learning content types is world-class”.

The CLP team consisted of Lars Gunnar Aas, Kristoffer Gjesdahl, Julie Reinfjord, Hanne Heltne, Fred Arthur Andersen, Stephan Brodschöll, Jon Lauvstad Kruken and Magnus N. Ryenbakken.

CLP congratulates the parties on the transaction!

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