CLP assists NattoPharma ASA in connection with voluntary cash offer by Compagnie des Levures Lesaffre

NattoPharma ASA has since June 2020 carried out a strategic review of the company, and on 15 February 2021, NattoPharma recommended a voluntary cash offer by the French company Compagnie des Levures Lesaffre, where Lesaffre offers to acquire all outstanding shares at a price of NOK 30 per share, equivalent to valuation of the shares to a total of NOK 631 million. Pursuant to the transaction agreement, NattoPharma shall also offer to acquire all the shares of Kaydence AS, at a price of NOK 5 per shares, equivalent to a valuation of the shares of Kaydence to a total of NOK 27.7 million.

CLPs core team has consisted of Andreas Kildal, Edvard Cock, Hanne Heltne, Christian Hagen Tønsberg, Christine Schjerven and Anja Fanebust.

For further information, see information provided by NattoPharma here.