Thea Tomter


Thea Tomter works primarily with property/ real estate law, contract law and litigation. Tomter holds a Master of Law degree from the University of Oslo. Tomter wrote her master thesis on public procurement law titled “Regulations on public procurement § 2-4 letter a – The borderline between leases and construction contracts when the rental object does not exist upon the conclusion of the agreement.” During her law studies, Tomter had several internships in various law firms in Oslo.


Associate, Advokatfirmaet CLP DA (2017)
Associate, Advokatfirmatet BA-HR DA (2017)
Legal consultant, Huseiernes Landsforbund (2015-2017)
Student group leader, University of Oslo (2016)


Master of Law, University of Oslo (2017)

Memberships and positions

Member of the Norwegian Bar Association
Appointed member of HTU (2018)