Simplifying experience

Our lawyers are well experienced within capital market transactions and securities law matters. CLP assists issuers, shareholders and managers in all kinds of capital market transactions, including initial public offerings (IPOs), private placements, rights issues, and financing in the bond market. We also have extensive experience with public takeovers and other structured processes, where CLP assists Norwegian and international players on both sides of the table. We also give advice to our listed clients and investors on matters relating to information obligations and other corporate governance issues, as well as other regulatory matters.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework, market practice, the market and the players. In CLP, we stay close to our clients. Our clients will feel that we bring something more than just legal skills to the table; we are flexible, foreseeing and give commercial and safe advise in a field of complex regulatory requirements with large values at stake.



Andreas Kildal
Edvard Cock
Jakob Villum
Lars Gunnar Aas